Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pirate Grub & Loot

One of my very favorite parts of my kiddos birthday celebrations is singing Happy Birthday to them and watching them blow out their candles.  I love to watch their "what do I do now" faces as they look around at all the folks that have gathered to celebrate another year of their precious little life. 

Gavin had been trying to poke his chubby little fingers in this cake all morning.  Look at how intently he is looking at me hunting for the perfect spot to put his candle.

He could not wait to huff, puff and blow out the THREE red candles Mommy picked out for him. I know I am a little partial, but I just think he has one of the cutest and sweetest faces I have ever laid eyes on.

Time to sing Happy Birthday and Gavin was pleased to lead us and sing right along.  He continued to smile the entire time we/he sang until it was time to blow out his candles.  No way was he gonna let down the 40+ of us that were staring at him. 

He was determined that he could get them blown out and I am almost certain he prearranged for his big sister to assist if he started to struggle.

How do I know you ask?  Look at her puffy little cheeks trying to help him out from a foot away.  Sweet girl, she wanted her brother's wish to come true so she was trying to lend him a hand, I mean hook.

We knew he could do it and would be so proud of himself after he had blown all 1-2-3 of them out.  I knew you would NEVER give up and I hope you always deal with every situation with that determination and attitude.

We were so PROUD of you and celebrated you once again, you were officially a THREE year old.

Time to move on to the loot and you got so many cute things from family and friends.  I had high hopes of you sitting atop ths ottoman while opening your gifts, but that lasted through about 1 present being opened.

You were so super excited about your gifts and could not bear the thought of being perched on that ottoman.

You loved all of your gifts and were so appreciative of everything you received.  Jacob & Papa each gave you a birthday card with $2.00 cash in it.  That $2.00 from Papa means a whole lot more now then it did to me a week ago.

You made everyone feel like their gift was the best of all each time you opened a new one.  You were very appreciative and made Mommy so proud when I ask you to thank everyone for coming to your party.  You stood up like a big boy and said, "thank you for coming to my pirate party and thank you for my presents".  You are a real trooper Gavin and I enjoyed every second of watching you get your "grub & loot on".

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Whitney said...

I love seeing your birthday parties b/c they are fabulous!! If you ever decided not to be a Principal, you could definitely start a party/ event planning business!!

I'm so sorry about your Grandfather!! I hope your family is able to cherish all the special memories forever!