Sunday, June 24, 2012

Princess Breakfast

These vacation pictures have me a little overwhelmed, but I am determined to get our entire vacation posted and then hope to do last years too (shame on me).  When you have over 1000 pictures on your camera, where do you start?

The day we visited Epcot we had a BIG breakfast with all the Princesses at Askerhaus and it was yummy.  We were running a little late, but Daddy got us there in time for our reservation and we were a sweaty mess.

Surprised this little guy did not fly us there with his Super Hero powers and all that energy cooped up inside this little body.  Let me just say that Gavin could give a flip about all the girly stuff that took place this morning.  Matter of fact he watched Toy Story on his Daddy's phone the entire time we ate.

We were so excited when we walked in and there stood Emma's very favorite Princess, Belle.  I expected her to be jumping for joy, but her reaction was quite different.  When we got seated at our table I started talking to her and she just did not seem like her happy-go-lucky self which really had me puzzled.   I left it alone until all the Princesses passed by and then I realized that something was not right.

If you have seen any of her other character pictures you know that this is not her usual expression.  Daddy finally asked her if she was sad, if her feelings were hurt, if she was mad and she just kept looking at us with this blank stare on her face.

Something finally clicked and I realized that we had given her allergy medicine when she woke up in an effort to control her asthma episodes.  Well, needless to say the medication had her somewhat drugged because she was not accustomed to taking it.  Let me just tell you I felt H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E, but I was so happy that we figured it out.  Poor Emma Lou struggled to enjoy the Princesses that morning but she tried so hard to make the best of it, bless her heart.

This poor babies asthma was OUT OF CONTROL on this trip and really had me so worried we would have to come home if she developed a fever.   She was such a trooper and she hung in there the entire time and we continued to give her inhalers, medication and prayed alot for her to get better. 

Every meal we had this girl was SPOILED with some sort of birthday surprise.  It is pretty safe to say she had a heck of a FIFTH birthday.  I asked her several times during the week if she regretted not having a party and she always responded with, "not at all Mom".

Thank goodness by the time we got to some of the other characters the allergy medication had worn off and we had our old Emma back.

Gavin was still uninterested in the characters at this point and he only requested that they sign his autograph book, but did not want his picture taken with them.  We did not push the issue or try to make him take a picture with them, we were just thankful that he was not afraid of them.

Oh Goofy, you were so sweet and Emma just adored you and those big ears.  Gavin decided to run a couple circles around you and then make his way back to the stroller.

Finally a picture of Gavin putting his autograph book up on Pluto's nose to sign.  It was so funny because he backed up until he was finished, politely took it back and moved on.

Gavin took advantage of every water puddle and spray park he could find while we were at Disney.  This was at downtown Disney and the boy had a blast waiting for the water to shoot up on him.

There were a couple times he laid completely down on his belly and decided to drink the water straight off the ground.  I guess what doesn't kill them makes them stronger, right?  There was a time at Hollywood Studios that we found him drinking out of a fountain that had a ton of change in it, YUCK!

Just to prove that he was a happy boy on the trip and did slow down a little to let us get a few pictures of him.  This kid makes me smile no matter what!

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