Friday, June 22, 2012

sPliSH SplAsh

Today was a great day spent with good friends enjoying lunch, swimming, 4 wheeling, trampoline jumping, dog playing, Popsicles, swinging and catching up. The great thing about these guys is it does not matter how long it has been, we pick up right where we left off.

Emma, Brook, Luke and Gavin getting ready to spend the day in the pool and have some big fun.

Emma and Brook were so big today and just sort of did their own thing.  They would swim for a while, change clothes, go inside to play, get back in the pool and were just so independent.   It was almost like they did not need us.  I guess they really are growing up.

When you grow up in the country on acreage you get to do alot of things us city slickers don't get to do very often.  At the age of 2 Luke rides this thing everywhere and you better not get in his way, he is on a mission. 

He just might be one of the most beautiful little boys I have ever seen.  He is so adorable and those eyes get you from Hello, just look at them.  My favorite part of the day might have been when he told us, "My Daddy is tough" after Gavin requested that Mr. Travis open a Popsicle for him.

These boys played trucks, cars, 4 wheelers and horse trailers all day long.   They would fight a little, trade trucks, make up and play some more.  Boys are so different!

At the end of the day, they were all pretty happy and had a good time.  We can not wait to go back for some more fun under the COUNTRY sun at the "4L Resort".  Thank you Locascio family for having us, feeding us, playing with us BUT most of all for loving us.

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