Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ears, Castle & Great View

Gavin waiting in line to take the ferry over to Magic Kingdom.  We normally took the buses in, so he was excited to ride the big boat over.

The Ferry definetly takes longer than the buses or the monorail, but it is was worth it to see the different views of the property and the kids enjoyed it.  It made me dream a little more about staying at the Floridian one day.

It was a blessing to look up in the sky on the way over and be reminded that no matter what JESUS is always with us, near or far.

Our view on the ferry boat of the Castle, who does not love the castle, right?

This just might be my favorite picture of the entire trip, sure wish that road would have been empty and it was just my babies and the castle but that NEVER happens.

Look at my sweet boy in his Mickey ears.   All I wanted as my souvenier was for both my kids to get the traditional ears with their names monogrammed on them.

I did not take this picture, but I love it of Walt and Mickey in front of the castle.  This is the exact bronze statue we bought for Curtis last year when we were at Disney for his birthday.

There are somethings I will just never be able to part with and these ears are just a few of them that will go into my little keepsake collection of "forevers". 

This picture makes my heart happy, happy, happy and makes my life feel so complete.  I am so blessed that I get to be the Mommy of a girl & boy. 

Gavin was not giving up until he got this Zurg & Buzz Toy from his favorite ride.  If you have never been to Disney, they get you because every big ride you walk off of feeds right into a gift shop (they are geniuses).

Okay, some of the best money we spent was on our reservation to the Terrace Dessert Party which sits off to the side of the castle.  Here Gavin is playing with his toy and getting all fueled up on SUGAR.

There is very limited seating on the Terrace, maybe about 50 people but it was so worth it.   You actually sit, crowd free and watch the evening show at Magic Kingdom.  You are treated to all the desserts and drinks you desire, it was yummy.   Main Street at nighttime is chaos, so this was the best experience ever and so beyond worth it.

You have the most amazing, unobstructed view of the castle too.  We decided to do this because every night when Tinkerbell leaves the castle she flys right above the Terrace and you get a wonderful view of her right above you.  Unfortunately for us a few raindrops fell right at dark, so she did not fly on the evening we had reservations BUT it was still so worth it.

I was so PROUD of these pictures when I saw them.  I am just a Mommy with a good camera that is lucky to get some great shots of my kiddos occasionally and really have NO clue what I am doing most of the time (have I confused you yet)?  Point being, I love these next two pictures.

The CASTLE by far is one of The Frazier Fours very favorite parts of Disney and we can not wait until the Beauty and the Beast Castle is finished so we can love that one too!

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