Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thank You

Swim team is close to coming to an end for us this season, but we will be back next year.  It has been a wonderful experience for us as a family to fellowship with such great kids, wonderful coaches and loving families. 

This year I helped with sponsorships and really enjoyed getting out in the community and socializing with local businesses. Our sponsorship plaques came in a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to wait to deliver them when Emma could be involved in the process and have a better understanding of what these businesses do for a non profit organization.

This morning we got up early before swim practice to make our rounds and say, "Thank You".   I was so proud of Emma as she walked in carrying the plaques, shook the hands of the sponsors and said, "Thank you for sponsoring our swim team this year". 

I think the sponsors were super impressed with her confidence. Each of them took the time to ask her how swim team was going, if she enjoyed it and if she would be returning next year. 

It was a good experience for Emma to come face to face with these adults, engage in conversation with each of them and learn a valuable lesson on being appreciative.  Emma was so intrigued by the sponsorships, asked me tons of questions and really enjoyed recognizing these wonderful contributors.

When we stopped at the last establishment, she was a little bummed that there were no more plaques to distribute.   So proud of this big girl this morning and her courage to say, "Thank You" to some well deserving individuals.

Once again, we are so appreciative for an amazing swim season and look forward to both of our kids being involved in swim next year.

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