Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

We celebrated Father's Day a little early since we would be at Disney on the official day.  We surprised our Daddy with a new golf bag, gift card to Golfsmith, a Starbucks gift card, a new phone case and Emma got him a special pink golf ball.

Emma and I headed out to do a little shopping one day and she had her purse filled with $28 ready to buy her Daddy a gift with her own money.   When we entered the golf store she spotted a PINK golf ball and shouted, "oh I am getting this for my Daddy and you are paying for it."   I quickly told her I would not pay for it and that she needed to use her money in her purse.  She started crying and telling me that was her money for Disney and she was not going to use it.  Oh this girl, I knew I had to try and turn this into a lesson (like always) and attempt to teach her a little something.  I looked over my shoulder and there stood the salesman all decked out in his TaylorMade gear ready to sell me a golf bag. First of all, let me just say I went in pretty clueless, yet determined to buy a bag that rode on a cart and was legless (ha ha). 

Okay, back to that greedy little girl of mine.  I reminded her about the lesson at church on giving and how God's plan is for us to be givers and in return we are blessed double.  Um, did not go over to well because she started cyring harder and asked me, "so when am I going to see Jesus to get my money back double? Huh?  It will be a long time before I see him to get my money back, so I am not buying the ball.  How will he give me my money back?"  She was relentless and I was speechless at this point, but decided to tell her that he gives it back to us all the time on her Daddy's paycheck.  By this time Mr. TaylorMade was smitten over her and decided to tell her that he was going to give her the golf ball to give her Daddy on Father's Day, but he wanted her to give her money at Sunday school next time she went to Church.  She was satisfied with that and appreciative of his kindness. Needless to say we chatted the entire ride home about being a giver.

A little late, but I wanted to wish my amazing husband a very Happy Father's Day.  Thank you for everything you do every second of the day to devote your life to us, to keep us safe, to insure that we are happy and to put our needs above your own.  You have the kindest heart of any man I have ever had the honor of knowing and it is with that exact heart that you love our kids unconditionally.  You are everything I ever dreamed of in a husband, a friend and MOST of all a Daddy for my children.   Thank you will NEVER be enough for all that you give and do daily for The Frazier Four.  We love you with our whole hearts Curtis!

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