Saturday, June 30, 2012

Disney Dine & Play Lunch

We planned this character meal with Gavin in mind and thought he would enjoy eating lunch with Handy Manny and Jake.

Agent Oso also joined us for lunch and the kids enjoyed looking at his big watch.

Gavin was intrigued by Handy Manny's big pencil behind his ear and could hardly keep his  hands off of it.

He ended up loving all the characters at this meal and continued to give them hug after hug.

Jake the Neverland Pirate was probably his favorite character the entire trip and got to see him several times at lunch when he came by our table and the kids danced around the dining room with him.

Awww, look at my sweet boy holding Jake's hand and standing still long enough to let me get a picture.  Way to go Gavin.

At this point he was trying to climb the seats like Batman and fly around the room with the rest of the characters. 

We stuck around after lunch and watched the stunt show and were so glad we did when Lightening McQueen rolled out of the back of that produce truck.  There was alot of FIRE used in this show and the kids got a little nervous when things would burst into flames.

Gavin was not about to share this Icee with any of us on such a hot day, he meant serious business buddy.

Looks like Emma was not willing to share her cold drink either and I don't blame her at all.

It did not take long for Gavin to find another little splash park to get completely soaked.  We were so excited because they opened a new section of Fantasyland while we were there.  Casey's train opened and the 2nd Dumbo ride, but we can hardly wait for the entire section to be complete in 2014.

This boy had a good time in the water, but next time Mommy will remember to bring a swimsuit.  Gavin had a blast running around Casey's Train and letting the camels, elephants and monkeys splash him.

We got on the train that takes you all the around Magic Kingdom after the splish splashing fun, so we thought it would be the perfect time to try and dry his clothes out.  Does not look like he minds at all, does it?

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