Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3 years + 1 month

Happy 37 months Gavin Thomas.  I am happy to report that THREE years old is working for us and it is working well.  You have always been a joyful child and life has become alot less frustrating for you over the last couple months.  Your vocabulary has exploded and you are able to converse with us at every level, which makes for a much happier little man. 

You are still a very active little booger, lets just say you have the energy of a six pack of toddler boys.  If it can be done you do it and you always do it in a BIG way.  You can turn anything into a trampoline, gun or wrestling match; I guess it is just easier if I say you are ALL BOY!  Some of our visitors get tired just observing you and leave with a greater respect for Mommy & Daddy. 

You are still one of the cutest little boys I have ever laid eyes on and you light up my life like no one else can.  I love your energy, your spirit, your will, your determination and your spunk for life.  I love the way you are so madly in love with your Daddy and truly think he is a super-hero (we do too). 

You have started posing like Emma and we are trying to to teach you QUICK that only girls do that, your Daddy would like you to learn this ASAP.  I will go ahead and disclose that this outfit is my doing and your Dad does not appreciate your striped European shorts the way I do.  He informed me that you are NOT European and these are not shorts, they are CAPRIS!  I promise to include this posing picture in your senior slide show to remind you of how much you love Emma and want to be just like her.

We love you so much Gavin Thomas and appreciate every single aspect of your "HUGONIC" (Emma's Urban Dictionary) personality and love for life.  You have made our home complete and bring an indescribable amount of laughter, love and joy to The Frazier Four!

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