Saturday, April 28, 2012

Not Cut & Zoobilee

Yesterday was the final day of "Rookie Camp" for swim team and Emma survived and did NOT get cut from the team.  If it were up to Emma, no one would have been cut at all.  We had to have a talk this week about how you do not get to do things and sometimes you have to earn your right to be part of a team.  She is just like me because she thinks everyone deserves a chance as long as they try their best.  Not the way it works in our world sweet girl, hard work pays off!

Emma's sweet friend Lauren spent the evening with us last night and she chose to come cheer Emma on at her final day of rookie camp.  Lauren is 1 year older than Emma and has been swimming competitively for a year now.  Emma is super excited that her and Lauren will swim in the same age bracket this year, truth be known that is why she worked so hard to be able to swim in the same lane as Lauren at practice.  Speaking of practice, we start practice Tuesday  4 days a week for the next 7 weeks with meets on Saturdays.  The Frazier Four are going to be super busy, but we are excited to support Emma and the rest of these cuties in the H2O.  We continue to pray that swimming will help Emma build lung capacity and allow us to start taking her off of some of her Asthma medication.

After swim we headed out to the Zoo for a members only party and it was big fun.  The kids were super excited to get an airbrushed tattoo.  Gavin loved his so much that he took his bath all weekend with his arm hanging out of the tub. 

 Emma and Lauren had a blast looking at the new dinosaur exhibit, barking at the seals, eating cotton candy, dancing with the characters and giggling their hearts out.

This boy never ceases to amaze me.  He set out to find a stick when we arrived at the zoo and he was not happy until the found the perfect one.  He pretended he was on a wild game hunt through out the zoo and took shots at all the animals, until a zookeeper made him surrender his gun  stick.  I was surprised he was willing to give it up so easily, but he walked right to the cart on the back of her bike and dropped it in with all its other gun stick friends.

These two girls had a blast and loved spending time together.  Emma is such a social butterfly, just like me and loves her friends so much.  It is so sweet to watch her hold their hands, hug them and tell them she loves them.  They all know how she is and they just accept her sweet little spirit (I don't think she gives them a choice).  I am so thankful that Emma's friendships are special to her and I am even more thankful that Lauren's parents trust us with their sweet girl.

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