Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Playdate & Party

Emma Lou paced the floor for 3 hours yesterday waiting for Hannah Claire to arrive to our house after her dance class.  Hannah and Emma have been together at MDO since they were 15 months old and they are crazy about each other.  They talk about one another non stop, dream about sleepovers and constantly talk about having a play date.  Hannah and Gracie are Emma's two favorite friends at school. 

I am already getting sad about these little girls going their separate ways for Kindergarten next year.  They are going to miss one another like crazy.

Emma was so excited to bring Hannah to Brookie's 5th birthday celebration.  Brooke and Emma have been friends since they were born and no matter how much time passes between play date, they always enjoy one anothers company.  It is hard to believe that this little girl is already FIVE!

Gavin could not get enough of the turtles in the petting zoo.  At one point he gathered up all six turtles and lined them up around the water bowl and told them to, "drink, drink turtles".  He also decided it would be a good idea for the little turtle to take a ride on the big turtles back.  Curtis was a nervous wreck that Gavin was going to kill one of the turtles before the party was over.

All the kiddos enjoyed riding on this sweet little pony several times.  I think Hannah and Gavin rode it about 5 times each.

My sweet boy loved this little turtle until it bit him and he threw it on the ground.  Check out that scorpion tattoo he managed to sport all weekend.

Such sweet girls having a blast at Brooke and Luke's Woody & Jesse farm party.  The chickens made Hannah a little nervous inside the petting zoo, especially when Emma put one on her shoulder.

Look at this handsome boy and those beautiful BLUE eyes.  Luke and Brooke shared their birthday together since they were both born in the same month.  When we left the party, Curtis said, "Luke is just like Gavin".   Cassi, I must admit that it makes my heart happy to know that you have a wild child too. 

Brooke is a country girl at heart.  She wears a pair of cowboy boots daily, talks with a twang and gallops around like a horse constantly.  She was so sweet at her party and was in heaven with all of her friends, her Pre K teacher and all the animals.  Isn't she beautiful?

When little man wasn't riding the horse, he was walking next to the guy walking the horse and holding his hand.  Gavin loved this little pony and no doubt my Daddy was smiling down yesterday.

This girl would live at the zoo or on a farm if given the chance.  After being at the Locascio's and the Buell's yesterday, Daddy and I are convinced that we are ready to give up our life in the city for a couple acres of land sometime soon.

No play date is complete without ice cream shared with a friend.   It was fun to watch E & H spend the entire day together, matter of fact we did not even get this cutie home till 9:00 last night.  They were not finished playing when we got to the Buell's, so we stayed around and visited for a while admiring their new home that is absolutely perfect.

Thankful for a wonderful weekend spent with great friends, two very sweet little girls, a special sister/brother birthday bash and of course The Frazier Four. 

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