Friday, April 6, 2012

My Poor Baby

Yesterday when Daddy picked Gavin up from MDO he came running in from the playground and appeared to have a mosquito bite above his left eye.  It appeared to be a little swollen last night when he went to sleep, but our kiddos usually have a little swelling anytime they get bitten by mosquitos.  

This morning when this little guy woke up it was not good and his eye was BIG!  He kept saying, "it just hurts a little Mom, it just hurts a little."   Luckily we already had an appointment to see the Dr. at 8:45 this morning to follow up from our ER visit last Saturday, so we had her take a look at his eye.  She was able to see the initial bite and confirmed that it was a little mosquito bite and just told us to watch it for red streaks to make sure it did not become infected.  Who would have thought a mosquito could do so much damage?

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