Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rookie Camp

Emma has been looking forward to swim team rookie camp for weeks.  Goggles on, swim cap on, sunscreen on, kick board in hand and super excited to wear her fins.

These 35+ kiddos were very eager to get in the water even though it was only 78 degrees outside.  Coach John had each of them line up around the edge of the pool for initial swim assessment and to figure out what level the kids were on.  It was hilarious to watch them because there were a few who jumped in, but sank immediately and had no idea how to swim.  One little girl laid down on her belly and slid in like a seal, bless her heart. 

Coach John originally asked for volunteers and I kept my eye on Emma wondering when she would decide it was time to go.  About 20 of the kids went and got sent to the appropriate groups according to skill level.  The kids with the highest skills went to Coach Sandy's group to get started.   At the end there were only about 11 kids left on the side that had not gone and it was obvious they were afraid and there sat Emma.  Coach John finally realized Emma was sitting there and he said, "Emma, come on girl".  She jumped in and swam straight to him, coming up for a breath and going right back down.?  Coach John said, "Grab your kick board and your fins and head to Coach Sandy's group."

On the ride home I asked Emma why she sat there so long without going?  She started smiling and said, "Mom, I thought if I sat there and did not go that I would end up in Coach John's group and I love him."  I quickly informed her that the kids that remained with Coach John needed lots of help and might even be cut by the end of the week.  She said, "oh well I will just do my private lessons with him Mom."

Emma did a great job on her assessment  and with Coach Sandy.  Today they worked on perfecting the freestyle with fins and breathing using their kick board.  All of the kids in Emma's group were awesome and I was blown away by how far they have come in 2 days.  Emma is working so hard and loves swimming.  We have 2 more days of  rookie camp with the other 4-6 year olds and then it is practice time 4 days a week with meets on Saturdays.

I am blown away by how excited and dedicated Emma is to swim already.  She is super serious about it and really seems to enjoy her time in the water.  She is such a great student and clings to every word that Coach John and Coach Sandy say. 

Way to go Emma Lou, we are so proud of you girl. No doubt in my mind you will do a great job at time trials in a couple of weeks.

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