Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggs & Decor

Easter is almost here and The Frazier Four are officially ready after tonight.  Daddy boiled the eggs and got everything ready for us to sit around the table and dye the eggs.  Emma was super excited and had been begging to get the job done all day.

I am sure you know by now I am a HOLIDAY junkie and I just can't help it.  I love the holidays and of course I love the letter "F" since it represents my maiden and married name.

These three little chicks sat by the front door to welcome our guest along with this banner that was outside as you walk up our sidewalk.  The Peter Rabbit pouches hang on the back of the kids chairs at the craft table and I am quite sure they will be filled with surprises Sunday morning.

Just a few little centerpieces and decorations that make our house a home during the holidays.  I think I have something different that hangs on this tree for every season.

I love this Happy Everything plate & this sparkly little duck that sits in the entry way.

Emma was super excited to help me decorate the fireplace mantle this year and I am pretty sure she is a ribbon, holiday, hallmark, trinket girl herself. 

Emma loves to dye Easter eggs and believe it or not no matter how many plastic eggs are hidden or what they are filled with she will ONLY search for the hard boiled eggs.  Last year she refused to pick up any of the plastic eggs and was happy to let her cousins and brother get them all.

Gavin was eager to dye eggs too and he refused any assistance this year, doing it all by himself.  He was so proud every time he would take one of the eggs out of the dye and put it back in the carton.

Emma and Gavin did a great job on their eggs and they also did a great job sharing the colors and the eggs.  We are looking forward to hiding eggs on Sunday after church and watching them run wild searching for them. 

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