Sunday, April 15, 2012

Almost FIVE

Reality is starting to set in that my baby girl is about to be five and off to Kindergarten soon.  I am trying to focus on the good and not on the fact that the little girl that made me a Mommy is about to journey into new a season.  A season that I pray is kind, gentle, innocent and filled with people that share the same values and love for life that we do.  My hope is that when she encounters the "not so good" parts she is able to be a leader and help others make good choices.  I know that is alot to ask of an "almost FIVE" year old, but I believe that Emma has the heart and wisdom to be a difference maker.  

When we picked her up from Sunday school today the teacher approached me and said, "Emma is such a sweet child, she is so affectionate, tender and loving."  I could not help but smile, thank her and agree that she truly is all of those things and so much more.

Emma girl, as your FIFTH Birthday approaches I hope you will always know how much you are loved and adored by so many.  Your little light shines so bright where ever you go, you are truly a "bucket filler" opposed to a "bucket dipper" and we will take that any day.  Happy 58 month Birthday, only 2 more months and you are going to be the big number FIVE!

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