Sunday, July 1, 2012

PINKtastic Day!

Emma got FIVE tickets from us to see Pinkalicious at the local children's theatre as one of her FIFTH birthday gifts.  She has been super excited about seeing the play and could not wait to invite some friends to come along with us.  

She invited Melinda, Stephanie and Lauren to go see Pinkalicous with us today and these little girls were beyond excited.  Emma is a social butterfly (like her Momma), so she would have loved to fill the theatre with all her friends.

Before we headed to see the play we visited the nail salon and each little girl had their toenails and fingernails painted.  They were so cute and creative with their color choices.

During intermission we walked outside to the atrium and the girls started acting like they were dancing, their dance teacher would have been so proud.

These girls were so sweet all day and so well behaved during the play.  It is funny to sit back and listen to little girl chit chat.   They love to giggle and act super silly with one another.

When the play was over the girls could hardly wait to go up on the stage and look around.  They were so curious about where all the stage decoration were made and came from.

We waited in line to get all their play bills signed and of course they could not wait to meet Pinkalicous.  They were all convinced we were leaving there to go try to turn ourselves PINK by eating a ton of PINK stuff.  Pinklicous told them to use food coloring and they are ready to try it.

Guess it pays off to be last in line to get autographs, because these FOUR little girls were the only ones that got their picture taken with the entire cast.  These guys were super entertaining, talented and so age appropriate.

These girls all had a perfectly pink day that was filled with lots of giggles and good times.  As for her Pinkalicous Mommy, I look forward to having my car packed with kids for years to come.

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Brandi said...

Ok,that is tooooo cute!!!!! What a cool gift!!! Adorable girls!!