Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Friendships + H20 = Fun

We took advantage of the sunshine yesterday and had a play date with some of our favorite friends, Brook, Luke, Baby Cynlee, Cassi, CoCo and NaeNae.

Emma, Brook and Luke had big fun jumping off the rocks together, while Gavin cheered them on.  I love Brookie's face in this picture.

Baby Cynlee is 10 months old and these girls did not want to share her with each other.  She is getting a brother or sister in January, so we all went around the pool yesterday and declared team boy or girl.

Gavin enjoying his Popsicle after his 3rd foot accident of the day (ha ha).  He had to wear one of Mr. Travis caps because I forgot his (Cassi was shocked it fit).

Brook and Emma are such great friends and are so super sweet to each other.  It is fun to watch them play and grow together, these two have been friends since birth and I hope they will always remain big buddies.

The boys were excited when Cassi broke the airplanes with water guns out.  These just might be the coolest floats  I have ever seen.  CoCo was sweet enough to hold them in place while I took their picture.  I am hoping it is a boy she adds to the mix soon, yep I was on team boy but my gut thinks it's a girl.

Just look where we found these two rascals later in the afternoon.  We knew they were awfully quite but we did not expect to see them laid up in Brook's bed eating Cheetos.  They are a mess on their own, but together they are a SUPER mess.

I was pretty shocked when it was time to go and Brook agreed to come home with us.  She even packed an overnight bag getting Emma's hopes up that she might have a sleepover.  We spent the evening eating ice cream, driving by all 3 kids schools, playing dress up, playing school, playing Dr. and eating dinner.  Brook came to me about 7:30 and said she was ready to go home, Emma was sad but she certainly understood.  This was a HUGE step for sweet Brook and we are so proud of her for coming home with us and can not wait to do it again.  

When it was time for her to go Emma thought she was going to pack her bag and go spend the night with Brook, but we already knew Brook had big plans to go hog hunting this morning with her Daddy.  Clearly Emma would be devastated if she ever saw anyone kill a hog or any animal for that matter (ha ha). 

It was hilarious to over hear them talk yesterday.  At one point Brook said that her Daddy killed deer and Emma asked, "even the mommy deer".  "Yep", Brook said and Emma just proceeded to tell her how horrible it was.  Funnier than that was when I heard them playing in Emma's room and Emma told Brook not to spray some perfume because she would have an Asthma attack, Brook replied, "Oh my God does that mean you will die?"   Oh the innocence of a child, I love it and I love them.   

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