Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Gavinator

It has been wonderful spending so much time with my little man this summer.  We were on the go all summer long and Gavin kept up, never complaining.  There were 5 days when we slowed down to spend some time working on something very important.

Our biggest goal this summer was to potty train this very strong willed child.  I think we attempted 2 other times and failed, but this time we had no choice but to see this process through.  Lets just say we got an "F" on the reward chart, stickers, candy and ice cream (he thought it was all silly).  I finally realized it was time to dive in boot camp style and we stripped this boy of all his clothes and made him go naked for 5 days straight.  I am THANKFUL to report that it worked and Gavin is 99.7% potty trained, even waking up with dry diapers most mornings.   There is an occasional "poop" accident, but that has only happened twice since we returned from Disney.

Gavin is so super smart and we are proud of all the big boy things he has managed to accomplish this summer from potty training to sleeping in a big boy bed.  His vocabulary continues to grow everyday and his imagination is out of this world for a three year old.  One of my very favorite things to do is sit back and listen to him pretend with his big sister, it is truly amazing how he gets into character and is able to creative play.  

Thank you for a wonderful and productive summer Gavin Thomas.  We are so proud and love you more than life.  

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