Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Buddy & Me

Emma is attending theatre camp this week downtown at our performing arts center, so little man and I have 4 playdates planned.  Yesterday was the first day of camp, so my buddy and me made our way to a park.  

We ran, climbed, jumped, chased birds, ate snow cones, walked under the oak trees, talked about life, looked at the splash pad, giggled, watched helicopters, held hands and decided we needed to return with our swimsuits for some more fun.

Of course this boy never ran out of energy and I never took my eyes off of him because the park is surrounded by 4 busy streets.

I love how STINKY and SWEATY little boys get after being outside for 5 minutes, that wet puppy smell.

This boy explored every piece of playground equipment the park had to offer today and imagined that he was climbing a mountain.

Anytime Gavin is outdoors he always has his eye on the birds.  He dreams of catching a bird one day and was almost successful in Garner when he stumbled upon one with a hurt wing.

He brought his helicopter and red car with him to the park and enjoyed letting them both roll down this play structure.

Look at that sweaty little red face enjoying a snow cone in an effort to cool off on this hot summer day.  I can't wait to spend 3 more days alone with you Gavin Thomas.

We returned to the splash pad the very next day and it was BIG fun, oh the joy of a little BOY!

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