Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sea World 2012

We just got home from a quick little getaway to the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and a trip to Sea World.  Before summer arrived I made a list of 28 things we wanted to do while Mommy was off and I am proud to say we have done 23/28, along with a few extras that did not make the original list.  We will get the others accomplished in the weeks before school starts.

Our two kiddos love staying in hotels, so Gavin was super excited when we arrived.  There are certain things we allow our kids to do away that are not allowed at home and their very favorite is jumping on the bed!  They were pretty surprised we were taking off for the weekend, we did not tell them until the day we left.

We love Sea World along with all the animals and shows.  We arrived right at opening time, so the park was empty at first which was super nice.  We were able to knock out the entire kids section in record time of about 30 minutes.

Emma and Gavin always get a map when we go somewhere and they have gotten pretty darn good at helping us find where things are throughout the parks.

You would think these kids and their parents would be sick of theme parks by now, right?  Hardly, Daddy has been online for the past week dreaming of a trip to Disneyland soon.

Every little girl needs a purple pony and she found the perfect one to take her on a ride.  Curtis always enjoys the carousel with them because they make me sick.

Perhaps he gets to enjoy lots of rides because Mommy is the makeshift photographer, but I do not mind at all.

I have always loved the Beluga Whales and I can not wait till Emma turns 7 years old and is tall enough for us to swim with them.  I do not know who is more excited about this upcoming adventure me or her.

Who doesn't love Shamu?  We also got to see Takara and her baby Sakari perform during the show.  We loved seeing the baby with her Mommy, she is a smart cookie to be so young.  Every time we go Emma swears she is going to swim with one of these guys soon.  We finally had to explain to her why the trainers are not allowed in the water with them anymore and I think she was shocked.  I miss the days when they would swim, dance around and play with them in the water.  There was always something super special about seeing the bond they had with the trainers up close and personal.

I dream of the day we can travel to Alaska and see killer whales in their own habitat.  No doubt Sea World takes great care of these guys, but they are confined to such a small space and that part makes me a little sad. 

I am so glad we took off on this last minute getaway and got to spend some quality family time with one another relaxing before it is time for Mommy to head back to work next week.

My sweet girl and her Daddy, she happens to think he is a pretty special guy too.  Our animal fun did not stop when we left Sea World, we got to enjoy some interesting furry friends back at the Hyatt.

One last thing, where else in the world do 200+ people (at one time) stop at a convenient store named after a beaver, on the side of a highway, leave with a bag of junk, spend a ton of money, buy food out of a case that has flies in it (without complaining), sample jerky and look for the green light to find an empty restroom?  Only in TEXAS my friends, only in TEXAS!


amylzaragoza said...

Hi Laura,

Where did you get your hat that has the flower on it? Love the color combination.


Kim said...

Sea World is always one of our favorites! A is trying to figure out how to squeeze in a trip in the next few weeks since we haven't gone this year. That's a first for us! Anyhow, your pictures are so sweet...evidence of a good time had by all, for sure! I love that yall are already researching a Disneyland trip...A is the same way...wants to go on as many family vacations as possible! These times just fly by way too fast!