Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gavin does Disney

Gavin was a T.R.O.O.P.E.R at Disney and honestly he had more energy than all of us combined.   This boy seldom rode in the stroller and was often begging to get out and walk run.  Often times he would dive out of the stroller and sometimes face first when something caught his attention. 

Here are my honest thoughts on Disney.  I do not think you are ever to YOUNG or to OLD to go to Disney, however it is work and it is not always relaxing.  Happens to be the most magical and best vacation we have EVER done with our kids (and we have done it twice, 11 months apart & we are ready to go back right now) BOTH times was as magical as the other.  As long as you go prepared with a plan, have a positive attitude, a pocket full of patience, understand that you are going to have to wait in lines,  know that it is pricey...then you will have the best time ever. Just my thoughts for the day for what it is worth.

One of Gavin's favorite characters at the park was this policeman.  He went up to him and asked to take a picture and hold his flashlight.  Gavin loves police officers and usually approaches them when we are out and about.  I honestly think he made this man's day and vice versa.

This right here is pretty much how this boy made his way around 4 different amusement parks, downtown Disney and our resort throughout our 7 day stay.  He always had a smile on his face and was always on the go, which meant me and Daddy were always on the go too.  I will take this any day over a whiny, complaining kid BUT he wore us smooth out at the end of every single day.

This is just one of the things that helped us make it through and gave us a sugar high to keep up with the Gavinator!

Yep, he consumed lots of sugar too which just gave him more energy to run, scream, jump and chase birds and he did alot of bird chasing.

Look at this sweet girl all dressed up as Snow White waiting for the parade to get started.  She helped me eat that caramel apple, oh and by the way Disney has the BEST sweet treats in all the world!

Waiting on the parade to start, we got to Main Street super early this night so we could get a front row seat right in front of the Castle (so worth the wait if you are willing to beat the crowd and wait it out).  We use this as a time to sit down, relax, get some yummy treats and people watch.

Gavin uses it as a time to entertain the crowd, dance, make silly faces and run around like a wild man.  All the while we keep the stroller pulled right up to the curb so the kiddos can just jump in, relax and have a front row spot when the parade gets started (so so worth it, I promise!)

I love all the faces of Gavin in these pictures, he was laughing hysterically in this picture and had just told everyone in line that there was a mermaid in the water.  Funny thing is, other little kids could be heard asking their parents if there is really a mermaid in the water (ha ha).  This boys imagination is unbelievable and it is constantly working ninety miles an hour.

It is pretty easy to see that The Frazier Four LOVE Disney and it is a vacation that we would be willing to take yearly and never get sick of it, if it were not so pricey.   We have decided that our next trip will be to Disneyland for lots of reasons, but most importantly so we can see Carsland (we can not stop thinking or dreaming about it).  We are so thankful that our kids do Disney well and are troopers, both of them!

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