Monday, July 2, 2012

Swim Banquet

We have just returned home from Emma's swim banquet, which happens to be her first official awards banguet.  She has been so super excited about this evening and looking forward to getting her first trophy.

We had big plans to go as a family, but Daddy has been very sick with a herniated disc and at this point can barely walk.  He is getting treatment, so we are prayerful that he gets better soon.

Emma and Lauren after they got their trophys.  Emma was "over the moon" and could not wait to get home and show it to Daddy.

My sweet girl filled with excitement about this big night and so ready for swim to start again. 

Coach Becca just got a new haircut and Emma can not stop talking about it and begging to get hers cut short.    We will be spending alot of time with Miss Becca soon, we snatched her up to be our new Nanny.

Coach John is our head coach and we LOVE him so much.  He is a legend in this area for getting kids to swim and love it, just so happens he is the swim coach at my HS too.  This man eats, sleeps, drinks and lives in the H2O!

Coach Conner was Emma's very favorite coach and the one that she secretly had a CRUSH on all season.  In the beginning it was a bad crush and she would do whatever she had to do to end up in his swim lane daily.

Coach Tommy was super sweet and Emma always enjoyed training with him, he would always help her get her flippers back on.

Coach Sandy is super sweet, she is the one that Emma probably learned the most from and swam the best for during practice and meets.  Coach Sandy helped Emma off the dive blocks her very first meet, while building her confidence to continue going off.

This is Joseph and he is one of our 6 year old boys that is unbelieveable in the water.  I am thinking Joseph might have a crush on our sweet Emma Lou!  He always comes up and hugs me and talks to Emma.  I was taking a picture of her tonight and he jumped in, put his arm around her and started smiling (good thing Daddy was not there, huh?)

Tonight was a great way to end the swim season and was one more example for Emma to witness how hard work pays off in life.   Emma, you had a great swim season and we are so PROUD of you.  You have added so much sweetness to the Stingrays this year.

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