Friday, July 13, 2012

Theatre Camp

Emma just finished up a week at musical theatre camp at our Performing Arts Center Downtown.   After seeing several live plays, she asked to go to acting class and we found this one back in March that seemed to be the perfect fit.

This little girl was so excited about going to camp and I was a little shocked that she just jumped out of the car on Day 1 and went straight on in with a smile on her face.   The kids worked on a mini musical of Lion King all week along with learning stage positions, vocal techniques and other basics theatre skills.

Emma came running out the first day with her script highlighted and she had been assigned lines to play the hyena, Shenzi.  By Day 2 she knew all of her lines and ran around here singing the Circle of Life nonstop.

We got to watch their performance and all the kids were super cute.  About 1/3 of them recalled their lines without being reminded and did a great job.  The others remembered their lines after a little prompting and all spoke so loud and clear.  They were also responsible for learning 7 different songs, the hand motions and dances that went with each.

Emma and Lauren had a BLAST and did an amazing job.  There is not a SHY bone in either of their little bodies and they both love the spotlight.  I got a little nervous about Emma going to camp, so we invited Lauren to come along with us and I am so glad we did (something nice about pairs, right?).  Emma is already looking forward to attending camp next summer and has promised Lauren that she is coming with us.

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