Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tour

Seasons Greetings & Welcome to our home. I decided to participate in Boo Mama's Tour of Homes for the Holidays in spite of the fact that we decided not to completely decorate our house this year. For the most part we got all the big stuff out and decided to leave all the little sit around stuff boxed up this year. I just kept thinking, what gets put out must be put back up.

As soon as Christmas is over we will be concentrating on getting our Nursery together for our baby boy that will be joining us soon. Hope you enjoy our home as much as we have this Holiday Season.

Not a great shot, but here is the outside of our home at night during the Holiday Season.

Our front door with a Toy Soldier and Snowman.

This Jolly Fella stands as you enter the front door of our home.
Santa Claus is in our foyer.

My Nativity Scene that happens to be my favorite Holiday piece for many reasons.

Our formal dining room where the family will gather around for a great meal.

Our Christmas Tree with our ornaments that we have been collecting for a couple years now.

I will never forget when I saw this little Christmas Angel and fell in love with her. I had to have her so bad that I put her on layaway during Christmas time one year during my single days.

Our mantle with our four stockings and our new little "Elf" that joined us this Holiday Season. It is really hard to tell but the stockings are velvet green and red.

We put our family sign in the fireplace this year.

My MIL gave me this cross this year for an early Christmas gift and I love it. I collect crosses, so I was especially excited to get a holiday one.

Another portion of our foyer.

This cross hangs over the urn with the poinsettias and I place our picture Christmas cards in it for all to enjoy.

Little whimsical stocking that hangs on our office door.

The "itty bittys" Christmas tree all decked out in dog-dogs. There are about 30 little dogs on it. Our sweet baby love this tree in her room.

This snow family lives in our front yard through out the Christmas Season. Emma has really enjoyed seeing and talking to these guys this year. We were able to see them play in the snow last week and I must say, it looked BEAUTIFUL.
So from our family to yours....we wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


ohhollyf said...

Those lawn snowmen are great, I've never seen them b/f.
Merry Christmas, Holly

Lauren said...

Your house looks beautiful! And your yard decor is AWESOME! Merry Christmas to y'all!

Jessica said...

You all do so much work! It looks wonderful!

Merry Christmas!

philben5 said...

So very tastefully done!! Thanks for sharing. Love your outdoor decor.

Danielle said...

So cute, Your home is beautiful. I love your decorating.

Heather said...

Your home is so pretty , I love what you have done to the outside! Thanks for sharing!! Merry Christmas!

Lianna Knight said...

so very pretty Laura...I LOVE the cross your MIL gave you and the one you use to hang your photo cards...awesome!

Mandi said...

Your home is beautifully decorated for the season! I love the nutcracker at your front door and the whimsical stocking on the office door. Where did you get your family sign? I've been looking for something like it. Merry Christmas!

Rebecca Jo said...

Love the Family name in the fireplace... & GORGEOUS cross! I too collect crosses.... never seen one like that!

Carol said...

Everything's awesome. I love the outdoor snow dudes! Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

I love everything. I really like the angel you put on layaway and the snow family in your front yard. I think I might hang ornaments from my dining room fixture too. That looks really cool!