Friday, December 19, 2008

MDO Christmas Party

Yesterday was Emma's Christmas Party at her little MDO program she attends on Tuesday and Thursday for a couple hours. It was so cute to see all the little ones gather around the table for some fun.

There are only 10 kids in her class when she attends, however some of these sweet babies go on M, W & F.

Okay, please make note in this picture what all the other children are doing and what my baby girl is doing.

The HOTY & I could not stop laughing because we only allow Emma to drink milk and water and have instructed her teachers that she is not to have juice during snack time ~ hence the sippie cup with water sitting beside her.

Well, it got better from there... we could not stop laughing because she sucked that Capri Sun down in 30 seconds or less. Notice how flat it is and she is still trying to get more out of it. The HOTY just looked at me and said, "uh, she is drinking juice at school".

She quickly moved on to sampling that good ole cookie next after flipping her pizza upside down.

Each kid had to bring a wrapped book and the "itty bitty" really liked the one that she ended up with ~ POOH!
I forgot my camera at home yesterday and one of my friends at work loaned me hers...thank you Therese.
We were so proud of Emma when she came into the room for the party, she barely acknowledged us and kept on going with the flow of things. Remember, this is the kid that screamed and cried for the first month at MDO and almost became a "Preschool Drop Out".


Danielle said...

That is too funny about the Capri Sun. She knew just what she was doing. HA!!

Darla said...

That is hilarious! She was having some fun!

Jennifer said...

That is too cute! She was loving the juice! Oh the simple things in life!:)

Brody is going to go to MDO starting in January!! AHH! I hope I'm not the mom they are calling to come get her son!

Rebecca Jo said...

That Capri Sun had her full attention... adorable!

Love that they had to bring books in! Cant start them with a love of books too early!

Lianna Knight said...

So funny!!! The girls LIKES some juice :) And her outfit...PRECIOUS!

MiMi said...

Those pictures are so funny! She looks like she has adjusted very well to MDO and I think she could REALLY adjust to having a Capri Sun each day at snack time! lol

She is just as beautiful as ever!

Deidra Brown said...

WOW! Emma looks like she had a great time at the party. I have a quick question. What is the name of the outdoor play set that Emma recieved for her birthday. I have looked at several playset and that one really gives me everything I think we need?