Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let it Snow ~ Let it Snow

We are so excited at our is SNOWING. Of course we had to bundle the "itty bitty" up and take her outside for her first view of the snow. It was actually her bedtime when we looked out and realized that it had been snowing for sometime and sticking to the ground. I told the HOTY we had to take her out in it, because it could be a long time before it happened again.

Oh, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Look at all the snow around this Jolly fella that wishes all our guest a Merry Christmas.

Me & Emma all bundled up, except my feet...I grabbed the first thing I could find and hit the door. It is not to often we get to see snow where we live.

Daddy and Emma trying to keep warm. Emma was so excited...she just kept saying "snow, snow, snow, yeah snow".

This is a view from across the street from our house and yes, that is the snow coming down you see in the picture.

Emma wanted to get down and play in it so bad. Of course I wanted to make a snow angel with her and the HOTY informed me there was not enough snow. I told you I was excited.

Look at the snow on our slide. Guess who noticed that real quick when we went into the back yard?

You are looking at her. We had to let her sit at the bottom in all the snow before we called it a night.

I am sitting in our office with the blinds wide open watching it continue to come down. If it keeps it up, our entire yard will be covered in a blanket of snow in no time. How ironic...the last time it snowed was when Curtis and I met and tomorrow is our anniversary.

The photos below are of our 2nd trip back out when it had snowed a while longer and our baby girl was sleeping.

We have a whole snow family in our yard and we had this one made last year guessed it the "itty bitty". She is my favorite one of all and I can not wait to have Gavin one made next year.

Just in case we ever forgot how old Emma was the first time it snowed.
The HOTY snapped this picture and I thought it was neat that you could see all the little berries on one of our bushes.
Compare this little fella to what he looked like the first time we went out. It is still snowing out there. I love it!

Last, the blanket of snow I talked about a little earlier. I would love it if our yard looked like this for the whole month of December.

I sure wish it were not so late, because I would still be outside playing with my sweet little family in the snow. I can't guarantee you that I will not be out there playing alone in a little bit or attempting to make a snow angel. I am telling you, this does not happen to often in our neck of the woods.


Mommy of a Wild Child said...

Wow it snowed a lot more at your house!

monelle said...

WE are so excited about the SNOW too! It is a blanket of beauty on our lawns and homes!

Jennifer said...

How fun! It looks beautiful! I know Emma had so much fun, even if it was for a short time. It looks like you were having a lot of fun as well!

Hollye said...

Okay...I want that toy soldier that you and Lianna have at your front door!

I hate snow. The year we lived in Michigan it was the coldest winter they had in like 25 years. And more snow then I EVER wanted to see. We saw snow over Thanksgiving. And we do ocassionally get snow here in Nashville. I think we are suppose to get some flurries tomorrow. That means they will probably cancel school.

Lianna Knight said...

I am so jealous!!! I was just telling my mom that the last time it snowed in Texas I missed it was my FIRST Christmas away from home and David and I were in the mall in Jax and someone said, look on the tv, it's snowing in Houston. I cried :( Please send that snow our way!!

On another note, we were just talking about how we needed some yard decorations...instead of just lights on our house. Where did you order yours? I know it's too late for this Christmas, but maybe I should start looking and then we could have some made by next year. Do they have a site?

Lauren said...

How fun! We didn't get nearly any this time around... Drew was very disappointed!

Rebecca Jo said...

My daughter called from Texas FREAKING out last night because of the snow.... how fun for you all!

LOVE that you wrote Emma's name & age on the car... how cute!

miss shortcake said...

how lovely! It snows a LOT where we live now (in Winnipeg, Manitoba), but when we move back to Vancouver, I know we're going to miss the white stuff. Emma looks like she had a lot of fun!

MiMi said...

Oh it's like a winter wonderland! Absolutely beautiful! It looks soooo fun!

I love your snow family and your house looks so pretty all decorated.

Katie said...

SNOW! I'm so jealous!!!

And how cute that y'all wrote her name and age in the snow! Good thinking!